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From Spark to Flame: Choosing your own Potential

Stop letting FEAR of Not Doing it Right or doing it Imperfectly(!!!) keep you from ACTIVELY pursuing your heart's desires.

The Revolution Begins with You

2 guided meditations to anchor safety, peace and love in your nervous system

Roots to Rise Coaching Package

That self-love you keep hearing about?

This 3 month coaching package will get you there, for real. You fill yourself with the deepest understanding, compassion and love and then expand that magic into all your most important secondary relationships - work, family, friends and romantic partners.

From Fear to Fierce Love Coaching Package

This package is particularly for you if you are struggling with fear, anxiety and self doubt during this tumultuous, topsy turvy time.

Conscious Connection Coaching Package

This 6 Week coaching package will guide you to (re)connect with your internal passion, compassion, intuition and wisdom.This creates a lasting, unbreakable foundation of love, safety and acceptance within yourself.

Choose Love Conscious Relationships Course

Get you out of your old dreary patterns in relationships and on a healthier new path through straightforward and profound writing exercises, somatic meditations and mindfulness practices. 

Healthy Communication Course for Men

Learn a few simple practices to communicate with greater ease, joy and peace with all your loved ones. 

You will build a solid foundation of peace and connection with yourself, untangle undesirable conditioning to get to your innate truth and master communication tools that will support all your close relationships.

UPDATE! You also receive a BONUS 1 on 1 Coaching Call with me.

Choose Love

Choose Love is a community dedicated to helping you have healthy, joyful relationships in every area of your life.  

I'll be adding content regularly so please come join in on the fun!

Choose Love: The book companion

The perfect companion to the Choose Love Book

You're ready for a journey inside YOU and Choose Love was the first step. Get the book launch bonuses inside!

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