From Spark to Flame: Choosing your own Potential Let's Jump In!

Let's Jump In!

Dancing is the BEST way to begin anything new.

No matter what is happening in your body - dance will help you come home to your beautiful, loving, centered soul.

*Feeling scared?

Dance those butterflies out of your belly with this song -

Good as Hell

*Feeling stuck in doubt and uncertainty?

Stand up and shake your your body (especially your shoulders) - to bring fresh energy in -

Shake it Out

*Feeling overwhelmed?

Shore up your inner strength and self trust with this one -

Live Like a Warrior

Feeling Silly Dancing around your room?

Don't worry - I look just as silly :-) 

1 Lesson

Let's Jump In!

Take a big, deep breath, slap a smile on your face, and JUMP IN!

Lessons for this module 1
Let's Dig In!

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